The song I listened to most in 2013

Liam Bailey ”When Will They Learn”

This song crept into my world on a music swap via a close friend. Isn’t that always the way? I’ve always had a thing for music that’s chill. I need it actually. It helps balance me out musically. I rage and play so much hype music at shows that when it comes time to board the plane the next morning, after 3 hours of sleep the only way I can function in the airport is to retreat back to music. Hoodie up, shades on, ipod in chill mode on half power, coasting through the TSA agents and early morning commuters like a zombie… straight to my seat on the plane. Once there, I hit repeat a few more times till I knock out. (electronic device ON the whole trip too, WHAT?!?!)

Don’t get me wrong though, I don’t go full Enya. That shit has to have a pulse. A groove. It has to connect with my soul, my core. I’m pleased to say there are a lot of good ones in my crate. Here’s the thing though, when I find a tune that does all that AND has a reggae vibe to it, it’s pretty much a wrap. Those usually anchor to my soul forever. Picture that one Bob Marley tune that no matter where you are, as soon as you hear it, it brings you back to center. This is that tune for me in 2013. I’ve played this thing so many times, I’ve lost count. As soon as I hear the intro keys, my shoulders drop and I exhale.

What’s really awesome is that it’s also infectious (tunes like this usually are). The groove, the lyrics, all positive. What’s not to like? My girl heard this a few times and was like… “Hey, what’s that song that goes… Oh, I… Oh IIIIIII? I really like that one, will you give it to me so I can listen to it on my ipod?”

What’s even more amazing is now, whenever we both need to wake up and I know we’ll be struggling in the morning due to 4 hour sleep, I’ll throw that tune on as my alarm. Right as I roll over to hit snooze, I’ll catch her crack a smile right before her eyes open. Love that shit. Sets the tone for the entire day. The power of a good tune, right?


MIX MONDAY – 2 NEW (free) mixes I’m connected to – DL Links included. Pass ‘em on. Enjoy.

1) King Fantastic – Gangster $h!?. The mixing & scratching sounds awfully familiar. I wonder who did this as a favor 2 his friends ;)

2) Brillz – Dope mix. There are 2 tracks in here we did together. One is unreleased.

3) *Bonus* - Z Trip BBC HIP HOP MIX – In case you missed this 2 weeks ago. No DL link tho, sorry.

What’s up?

I trust you are all good out there. Don’t wanna take up much time, just have a few things to share real quick.

I am feeling incredibly inspired these days. I’m loving and creating some of the best music I’ve ever made. My focus is dead on… This is all because I finally took a break!

Let me fill you in. I’m driving around the big island of Hawaii by myself. I find a tree by a beach and lay under the shade. I wake up 2 hours later and the tops of my legs are burnt to shit… Then it hits me… Tanning is NOT for me! I gotta get back in my dark studio and make some music!!!

Honestly though, while away I realized I’ve been touring and grinding so hard, that I forgot to take the necessary time to ENJOY the music. Just sit and listen… as a fan, not as DJ. The process took me back to the reason why I got into this stuff in the first place. It’s about connecting with it all. So that’s what I’ve been doing… Reconnecting… with my music, with myself, with my people.

I just completed a 45 minute Hip Hop mix for BBC Radio 1 with that feeling in mind and I’d love for you to hear it. It’s basically a return to form. Me going back to my roots. There are some dope exclusives in there too. Check for the brand new tune I did with my homie Brillz called “808 in The Trunk”. Our first collab, Jay Z’s “Dirt Off Your Shoulder” Remix, got such a good response we HAD to get back in the studio. You can listen to the mix right here.




While in the studio I came across a small stash of rare records I’ve made. I stopped and realized WTF am I doing hoarding these? They should be in YOUR collection! So, I’ve decided to make them available in my store. Right now I have 10 copies of my first 7″, 30 copies of the white vinyl 10″ of “Breakfast Club”, 35 copies of my “Test Press”, etc… Some rare CDs too. It’s all first come, first serve till they’re gone. Enjoy!

BTW, people have been asking me for a new zip up hoodie for ever. Finally got around to designing a new one. Also have a new T-Shirt , and a fresh tank for the ladies. Check it.


Oh, and one more thing on the re-connecting tip. See those little social icons on the left? That’s where I’m at these days. Feel free to follow me on ALL of ‘em (and “like” everything I post to unlock the secret code).

Seriously though, THANK YOU ALL for your support. Stay tuned for more music.